A clinical doctor has advised Malawian young men to go for medical circumcision to avoid being infected by various forms of cancer that infect male sexual organs as they are ageing which he said is becoming common in Malawi.

Timothy Bonyonga, who is also a behavioural change expert, said this in a lecture he gave to employees of NICO Life Company during World Aids Day commemoration organised by the insurance firm on Saturday, December 1, in Blantyre.

Mr. Bonyonga said there are several types of cancers characterised by swollen fore skin or aching in the penis that are caused as a result sexual intercourse.

“This can be prevented, however, if you go for male medical circumcision,” he told the group.

“The problem is that most men think male circumcision is only meant to prevent HIV invention”.

He said health experts in the country started promoting male medical circumcision way back in the 1994 when they started noticing an increase in the number of men above 50 who were infected with diseases that attack male sexual organs including penis cancer and urinary track infection.

The clinician also reminded the group that male medical circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection in men by 50-60% and that it helps to prevent the transfer of a virus that causes cervical cancer from men to women, hence women also benefit.

The NICO Life Insurance company World Aids Day event started with a big walk around the city of Blantyre where a public address system was used to spread HIV/Aids messages.

After the open event, employees of the company gathered in a conference room where Mr Bonyonga emphasised the importance 2011/2012 UN aids day theme which urges countries world over to fight for zero infection, zero deaths and zero discrimination in curbing HIV.

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