Humphrey Mvula, a self appointed political strategist and former Director of Research in the intact UDF and then Vice President in the Friday Jumbe led UDF faction, is lining up a dumping of his current party, PP.

Mvula, who defected to PP a few months ago, had hoped that he would be one of the trusted surrogates and operatives of President Banda, having been that to President Bakili Muluzi.

However since joining the party, Mvula has been bypassed. He has not even succeeded to be close to the President, nor have access to her.

Besides being an operative of President Banda, Mvula had wanted to be endorsed as the party’s parliamentary candidate for Ndirande Malabada.

As it has happened, Peter Chupa is the one being favoured for that position over Mvula and MBC procurement officer Nolia Kachale.

The dilemma that Mvula currently faces is which party to join. At DPP he will face the incumbent MP Sangala, another returnee from PP, who defeated Mvula in the previous election.

He might have difficulties joining Jumbe’s labour party having dumped his friends at a time they needed him most.

Because of his pride and feeling of self importance and social size, he might not want to join UDF and be led by young Atupele.

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