Out of the 127 UN recommendations on Human Rights, Malawi has rejected 44 including abolition of laws criminalizing same sex marriages, abolition of the death penalty and making primary education a compulsory.

The Universal Periodic review for Malawi’s Human Rights situation for the period 2011 to 2015 says the country only accepted 71 recommendations and made no stand on 14 others.

Malawi is also said to have rejected introduction of a comprehensive social support system claiming it does not have resources to fulfill it.

“The UN is observing Malawi on both implementation of the 71 recommendations and any changes in the 44 before another review coming in 2015,”said Malawi Human Rights Commission Chairperson Ambassador Sophie Kalinde.

She added “some of the recommendations that Malawi agreed to promoting prisoners rights, ensuring increased women participation, and promoting freedom of religion, expression, press and opinion”.

The organization is also meeting relevant stakeholders crucial in addressing gaps in human rights and Monday the commission met members of the legal affairs committee of parliament.

The UN has no specific penalties to member states that do not comply with the set recommendations.

Commissioner Kalinde was noncommittal on whether Malawi government will make reforms to accept some of the 44 rejected recommendations before the next review in 2015.

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