People’s Party members will always demonize the leaders of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at every available opportunity in terms of their worthiness as leaders.

But hear this. At night and behind closed doors surrogates of President Joyce Banda are relentlessly trying to court some of the DPP leaders that make the Head of State lose her sleep as long as they are not in the PP fold.

The President has also been sending communication to leaders of the DPP to help her solve some of the problems she is failing to resolve on her own.

We can reveal that recently President Joyce Banda sent communication to DPP acting president Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to help her on how she can resolve that Malawi-Tanzania standoff over the ownership of Lake Malawi.

The communication was an invitation from President Joyce Banda to Peter Mutharika to meet her at the presidential palace to seek his ideas about how the problems could be resolved, him being expert on international law and cooperation.

President Banda also wanted to benefit from the cordial relations that existed between President Jakaya Kikwete and Peter’s brother late President Bingu wa Mutharika.

Besides, twice President Banda’s staffers, sent by her, have met DPP regional governor Noel Masangwi, trying to coax him to join the ruling party and become its regional governor in the south with a promise, among them, that a case where he is alleged to have been involved in the death of university student Robert Chasowa would be dropped.

During one of the meetings Masangwi was told that the door to the President was open anytime he wanted to meet with her.

They told him that the President would want him to join the ruling party so he can strengthen it in the southern region where the DPP remains stronger.

He was also promised that he would get back all the government contracts that he lost after the PP took over government.

However all the attempts on the powerful regional governor of the former ruling party have not yielded anything because Masangwi has chosen to remain faithful to his party.

Masangwi told them in one meeting that he will remain in the DPP and would work to have it propelled back to power because he believes it is the only party that knows how the problems facing the country can be resolved.

He told the meeting that President Banda does not possess the kind of credentials and ideas that this country needs in a leader.

According to Masangwi, Joyce Banda has a remained a chance president for the eight months she has been in office and there is not hope she would change.

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