Joyce Banda, the President of Malawi, always claims to be a champion of women’s rights. This is the face she wears in public.

But her true attitude towards women is hidden in the private where she is a vicious abuser of rights of other women. Mayi Nyauhango is one of the victims of Joyce Banda. The old lady currently lives at Mapale in Mzuzu.

She is the first wife of Richard Banda, the first gentleman.
She no longer lives with Mr Banda, and the two failed to raise their children (Ian and Suzan) together because of Joyce Banda. She snatched Mr Banda from Nyauhango.

While he was Minister of Justice, Mr Banda met Mr Kachale, while married to Joyce Ntila, in Kenya where Kachale was working at the Malawi Embassy.

Banda and Kachale became friends. Each time Banda passed through Kenya he would stop over at the Kachales. That is how he got in contact with Joyce. Then the two started an affair.

Joyce Banda will always claim that she left the marriage with Mr Kachale because he was an abusive man. However Mr Kachale started drinking heavily after failing to end the affair between his wife and Mr Banda, the justice minister.

Mr Banda’s behaviour to his wife Nyauhango and their children changed. He was now behaving as someone who was on love muti. He could not stay home. He stopped attending to needs of his wife and their home.

Because of the sweetness of her affair with Mr Banda, Joyce Ntila left her marriage in Kenya and returned to Malawi where her upkeep was being given by Mr Banda. But feeling that the upkeep was not enough, she decided to increase her fund raising adding on another man in her court.

The man was Dan Nkosi, the late husband of the current deputy reserve bank governor Mary Nkosi. So Joyce Ntila was running affairs with two married men at the same time for money.

Seeing that Mr Banda was delaying to leave his wife as he had promised, Joyce Ntila became troublesome.

When Mr Banda visited her, she would detain him not leave. Then she would contact Nyauhango and boast that her husband was with her.
This behaviour continued until Mr Banda broke up with his wife and Joyce Ntila took over and became Joyce Banda. But she did not end her affair with Dan Nkosi until he died.

Today when Nyauhango looks at Joyce Banda, she does not take her as a leader but a husband snatcher, a bully, an abuser of fellow women.

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