With the recent escalation of crime in the country, it would make sense to hear of a daylight armed robbery but not rape. But it has happened in Chemusa, one of Blantyre’s populous townships, where a man yesterday morning, raped a woman at a market, in full view of people.

People who saw this happen said the woman in the company of a friend, was going to the market to buy some foodstuffs when she met her fate.

“It was around 7.00am, the women were walking side by side when the man rushed towards them and grabbed one of them forcefully and started raping her. The other woman tried to rescue her friend but was severely beaten and was injured in the process,” said one man who witnessed the incident.

The assailant, only identified as Charles, was armed with knives which he used to scare off his victim as well as anyone who tried to rescue the woman.

Charles, according to the witnesses, is a well-known criminal in the area and has been arrested by the Police several times.

“It is possible the man was under the influence of drugs. He looked like an animal and everyone was afraid to get closer to rescue the woman. It was very sad people just watched as the woman struggled at the hands of this animal until he finished. There were men, women and even children, but they failed to help,” said the witness.

Deputy Public relations officer for Blantyre Police Lameck Thembachako could not immediately confirm the incident when contacted yesterday.

He said there is an incident that has been reported by two women who claimed that their brother had gone mad and had raped a woman in Chemusa.

“We have a case at Kabula Police station reported by two sisters who say that their brother has gone mad and has raped a woman in Chemusa. I am not sure if it is the matter you are asking about. My suspicion is that the woman has gone to the hospital first,” said Tembachako.

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