In 2012 The Weekend Times investigated and exposed various men who were caught pants down.

Horny Disk Jockey

The shenanigan of popular football commentator Steve Liwewe Banda, who was found in a compromising situation with a 15-year-old girl in Nkolokosa Township in Blantyre, was a hit.

Presenting a popular music show on MBC, Liwewe Banda’s signature tune was: “Lock up your daughters, the captain of the air is in town.” He was a master of the ‘Pop Sounds’ programme that he presented.

But did he literary mean it? Residents of Nkolokosa can attest that indeed he meant every word of it. They confirmed this when an irate grand-father beat up the horny DJ after it was discovered that he was in a steamy relationship with his 15-year-old grand-daughter who was in Form 2.

The annoyed grand-father told The Weekend Times that Liwewe Banda locked up his grand-daughter to conceal his lewd acts with the under-aged girl after neighbours saw him diverting her to his house.

Accountant and married woman

A Blantyre-based accountant working for Malawi Council for the Handicapped (Macoha) hit the headlines during the year when he was caught red-handed with a married woman right in her matrimonial house.

The accountant, identified as Harry Chipeta, paid some money to the husband Jimmy Makhumula to shut him up.

The Weekend Times found out that Makhumula’s wife, Anna, was allegedly seeing Chipeta and she took advantage of her husband’s absence to invite him over to her house. He did not waste time to settle down to business.

Sources alleged that the family of Makhumula calculated the move in order to fleece Chipeta, saying Anna was a known loose woman.

Cheating cleric hides under bed

A self-styled bishop, who was caught red-handed by his wife of 21 years, had to be dragged from under a bed where he was hiding from the furious wife.

According to The Weekend Times of May 18-20, the bishop identified as George Kwaitana, founder of Power of Salvation Church in Mbayani Township, Blantyre was dragged to police by the wife and church members.

Kwaitana used to take advantage of the fact that his wife works as a security guard at a private hospital in the city. While on night duty, the cleric would sneak out to satisfy the cravings of his loins with a secret lover in Machinjiri Township.

However, his proverbial 40th day came when his wife caught wind of his salacious moves and decided to stage a stake-out on the lover’s house in the dead of the night. Neighbours had alerted her that the horny man-of-the-collar was inside the house.

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