When the MGDS was being conceptualized, the country was perpetually food insecure and growth was dismal.

It was envisioned that the country could be food secure, with rapid economic growth and reliable infrastructure, given its potential.
With the implementation of the MGDS, 2006-2011, the country has become food self sufficient and has been able to realize food surpluses.

During the same period, the economy grew at an average of 7.5 percent against the projected target of six percent. Furthermore, there has been a number of infrastructure development projects across the country.

It is my strong wish and the wish of all Malawians that the gains achieved during MGDS be sustained and accelerated as we implement the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy II.

In this respect, the objective of MGDS II will remain wealth creation and reduction of poverty through sustainable economic growth and infrastructure development.

It is my expectation that the implementation of MGDS II will accelerate the transformation of the country from being a predominantly importing and consuming economy to a predominantly producing and exporting economy.

Considering the phenomenal growth and development the country has achieved during the MDGS implementation, this strategy will continue focusing on the nine priorities within priorities. The priorities are: Agriculture and Food Security; Energy, Industrial Development, Mining and Tourism; Transport Infrastructure; and Nsanje World Inland Port; Education, Science and Technology; Public Health; Sanitation; Malaria; and HIV and AIDS Management; Child Development, Youth Development and Empowerment; and Climate Change, Natural Resources and Environmental Management.

These key priority areas will also accelerate the attainment of the MDGs by 2016.

Government will lead the implementation of this strategy and will continue to create an enabling environment for the participation of all stakeholders including the private sector.

I, therefore, urge all stakeholders to actively participate and align their plans and programmes to the MGDS II.

It is my sincere hope that the cooperation that prevailed during the preparation of the MGDS II will continue during the implementation period for the well-being of mother Malawi. May God bless our country.

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