Both government and organizers of Thursday’s mass protests in Malawi said were impressed with how peaceful and orderly the demonstrations progressed.

Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu described the situation as rebirth of democracy while Consumers Association of Malawi CAMA Executive Director Mr. John Kapito said those who feared for violence should be ashamed.

“This is the rebirth of democracy in Malawi. It shows us responsible people can be when government guarantees their right to hold protests,” said Kunkuyu.

However CAMA’s Kapito said the peaceful protests shamed the devil at state media who kept on saying the protests would lead to violence.

“Those who expected violence must be shamed. The devil has been shamed,” said Kapito.

He said he was happy that they presented their concerns and that they expect government to respond within 21 days.

Among others, they want government to abandon floatation of the kwacha and that President Joyce Banda to reduce her international and local travel.

Kunkuyu, the Information Minister, said government will be in touch with the organisers to look into the concerns.

“We will be in discussion and see how together we can solve the problems,” he said.

As largely expected the protests did not get massive support as in many towns and districts it was business as usual.

“I don’t see the need to demonstrate I think we need to give this government a chance they inherited a poor economy,” our reporter in Zomba Cassim Aubi quoted a middle aged man as saying.

Several civil society organisations, trade unions, political parties did not take part in the protests.

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