After shocking the nation last year by proclaiming during its second All-inclusive Stakeholders Conference that Malawi lacks leadership, on Friday 18 January, 2013, the quasi-religious body Public Affairs Committee (PAC) was at it again.

This time it was during a two hour meeting with a man heading one of the three arms of government, Henry Chimunthu-Banda himself right at the parliament building.

The PAC delegation was led by Bishop Montfort Sitima. High on the agenda was the issue of the controversial Section 65.

“Of course, there are other issues we wish to raise with you,” Bishop Sitima made it clear right at the outset.

And true to his words, other issues did emerge during the talks with the Speaker, with one on leadership taking centre- stage.

“Malawi continues to face underdevelopment since its independence,” Bishop Montfort Sitima told the Speaker.

“We’re not only talking about political leadership but leadership at different levels of administration to transform our country. Similarly, we’re not talking about an individual but a concept of leadership.”

Bishop Sitima told the Speaker that the country needs to institutionalize leadership training in and through academic institutions, civil society organisations, etc for Malawi to be transformed.

“We’re aware that is not your personal responsibility alone. We’re of the view that generally Malawi continues to lack strategic leadership,” Bishop Sitima told the Speaker.

Bishop Sitima said, although people can argue with them on the point, but the fact remains that the grouping was not sure whether Malawi will see the type of development her neighbours are currently experiencing.

“During our conferences it was clear that Malawi lacks serious leadership to stir development,” the bishop said.

Some local politicians disagreed with the sentiments when PAC first made the remarks last year

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