Government has sent on an indefinite leave all 243 Air Malawi employees pending their final lay off.

This comes as the company has been liquidated awaiting formation of new Air Malawi 2012 with a strategic partner.

Liquidator hired by privatisation commission Mr. Lekani Katandula confirmed.

“What only a remains is for government to pay off the employees”.

President of the air Malawi workers Union Mr. Clement Chitenje, said the move was not surprising.

“The liquidator met us Wednesday afternoon where he informed us about the decision and modalities on how government will pay our money,” he said.

Government has taken a bold decision to liquidate the country’s sole airline for making loses over the years.

As of January 2013 there were five airlines which government had shortlisted as possible strategic partners to the yet to be formed Air Malawi 2012.

These are Ethiopian Airlines, Alpha and Omega of South Africa, Globe business network of Botswana, Fly Africa of South Africa and Air Express Limited of Malawi.

Privatisation Commission Chief Executive officer Jimmy Lipunga told media this week a new partner to Air Malawi 2012 will be announced soon.

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