CAMA to announce next move once deadline elapses

Consumers Association of Malawi –CAMA – has said it will announce its next step once the 21 day ultimatum it gave government to address its concerns expires on Thursday, February 7.

“I don’t want to discuss feelings, let us wait until when the ultimatum expires,” said Kapito.

Asked on whether or not government has responded to its petition, Kapito said he did not want pre-empt anything.

“We gave government 21 days and these 21 days are not yet over, and I think we will come up with a number of strategies which we will communicate to the media”.

Among others, the petition from CAMA calls on government to abandon the floatation of the local currency as well as reduce both local and external travel by the President.

CAMA has constantly accused President Joyce Banda of being an IMF puppet copying and pasting everything from the money lending institution.

Ironically, President Banda has meanwhile been accorded an honorary doctorate degree in economics by a South Korean University for what they say are her sound economic administration.


2 thoughts on “CAMA to announce next move once deadline elapses

  1. This is an insult to Malawians by foreigners. That degree is simply honaris cumis meaning a useless label pasted a human billboard.

  2. CAMA do not relent the pressure. Once the dateline is passed do not wait for goveernment to react. Just re-organise for a wider strike to remove this corrupt regime.


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