Malawi President Joyce Banda is set to sack Police Inspector General Loti Dzonzi. Dzonzi, is expected to be replaced by Doreen Mwalwanda Kapanga who is set to become Malawi’s first female head of the Police if confirmed by Parliament. Late President Bingu Wa Mutharika tried to appoint Mary Nangwale but her appointment was not endorsed by the National Assembly.

Currently, Kapanga is the Deputy Commissioner of Police responsible for Administration at Police Headquarters. President Joyce Banda is reported to be unhappy with the conduct of Dzonzi who has for the better part of his 10 months in charge tried to lead the Malawi Police Service into professionalism. Our sources say that Dzonzi has refused to use his officers to kill political opponents when ordered to do so by President Joyce Banda.

President Joyce Banda is reported to be a cold-heartened woman who would kill for the sake of politics.

President Banda is also not pleased with the way the Police conducted themselves over a week ago when thousands upon thousands of people lined up all Lilongwe streets and thronged Kamuzu International Airport to welcome DPP leader Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika.

On Monday, armed Police officers stormed Capital Hill to disperse striking civil servants. The Police used live ammunition and teargas canisters to fire at the protesters. Although the directives for the operations at Capital Hill were coming from Joyce Banda herself, following the international condemnation over the police conduct, Banda wants to make Dzonzi the scapegoat and use the excuse to fire him.

Gossiper Doreen Mwalwanda Kapanga, known among fellow police officers as “The Gossiping Commissioner” is reported to be President Joyce Banda’s favorite in the Malawi Police Service’s rank and file. She is reported to be the one spying on Loti Dzonzi and reporting him to the President on regular basis. According to sources, Kapanga meets President Banda more regularly than the Police Inspector General himself. The two also speak a lot on phone.

Meanwhile, we have also been reliably informed that apart from gossiping about her boss, Kapanga has also been spying on and reporting to the President the current activities of Justice Minister, Ralph Kasambara.

Kapanga’s gossip-mongering led to Kasambara being withdrawn from the role of the Attorney General, leaving him only with the justice Ministry.

Apart from having the full backing of President Banda, Doreen Kapanga is also in a serious love relationship with Chief Secretary to the Government Bright Msaka. Msaka is a widower following the passing of his wife earlier last year. According to Capital Hill and Area 30 sources, Msaka and Kapanga have been enjoying this love affair for a while now and it will not be surprising to see Msaka backing the promotion of Doreen Kapanga to full IG.

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