In an effort to ease the pressure that has been mounting since December 2012, TEVETA has finally taken a brave step to close PACT College for operating illegally in the country.

PACT College has been operating at Chichiri and Chitawira Primary Schools a thing whch is against TEVETA standards for a college to be registered. However, it was strange when TEVETA closed more than 52 colleges in 2010 leaving only PACT college claiming that the were given a 12 months grace period to address their problems which included leaving the primary school for their own independent premises. Refer to

But a year after the deadline of the given grace period elapsed, PACT had not yet addressed any of their problems and were still sharing classes with a primary school. So many NGOs including Malawi Watch started to question TEVETA’s deliberate movie to turn a blind eye on PACT College.

Media investigations revealed that Yusuf Alide who is TEVETA’s Executive Director receinved a bribe of about 2 million from PACT College to let them operate and also for TEVETA to shut down PACT’s competitors a move that resulted in the closure of colleges like BBC, ACTM, Nashville, Accountancy Tuition College and many more leaving several thousands of students stranded.

The public relation officer for TEVET, Lewis Msasa did not give much information when he was asked comment on the closure of PACT College but simply said that its one of its operations and TEVETA is going to produce a press statement by this week.

When asked by MIJ radio reporter on the matter, Yusufu Alide who is the Executive Director of TEVETA simply said “I am not ready to take any interview with MIJ Radio”.

When Mr Chipala of PACT College was asked to confirm the report that PACT College has been closed, he sounded very angry to the point of blamed MIJ Radio for what TEVETA has done.

“You have achieved what you wanted you people at MIJ. You went to the extent of arranging programmes to disclose those colleges that are operating illegally on primary schools,” cried Chipala.

Many people who have been interviewed to seek their views on the matter said that justice and equity has been done although too late.

One of the ex college operator whose institution shut down commented that its not enough for TEVETA to produce just a press statement.

“What we want is equity and not statement that is full of words intended to make one clean without removing the dirt. Our friends have enjoyed the use and abuse of public resources (public primary schools) which we were denied,” he said.

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