Your Excellency,

I have the honour to write to you this letter, which aims to highlight the serious issues facing our country and fast undermining our ownership of Lake Malawi, in the hope that Your Excellency will be encouraged and, as a result, spurred to take the serious and urgent steps necessary to protect our entitled and rightful claim to this national treasure from the marauding and scheming hands of determined Tanzania.

Your Excellency, in as much as the ongoing mediation effort regarding the lake dispute is concerned, the deck is stacked against Malawi. This may come as a surprise to Your Excellency, but given the manner in which this matter is being handled, I have reason to believe that your government is not aware of the conspiracy that is being orchestrated by the most powerful and well-funded parties who have an interest in the lake, not, of course, in favour of the interests of Malawi. As we speak, the undercover apparatus of foreign governments is picking up and processing intelligence cables about Malawi whose details and motives your government and the people of Malawi are probably not privy to, important as the information maybe for the security and convenience of our country in respect of the matter that is at hand.

Meanwhile, Your Excellency, the people that you have appointed and entrusted with the critical responsibility of dealing with these matters, including protecting our country with intelligence gathering, are comfortable with doing nothing out of either their ignorance or their belief that all is well, while their counterparts are travelling all over the world palm-oiling decision makers to make sure that the outcome of the Lake Malawi mediation is decided in Tanzania’s favour.

Your Excellency, I will be betraying my patriotism if I do not mention to you that as I write this letter, madam, big oil companies are in Dar es Salaam negotiating for oil deals to do with our part of the lake, a development that am certain is flying in the face of your government because of the docility in our approach to this matter. All this, Your Excellency, is classified information, which I have only managed to come across by assuring my sources that I will die first before I reveal them.

Your Excellency, there is no smoke without fire. As you should know, the most common undoing of most people in your position is their tendency to influence or pressure people around them to tell them what they want to hear instead of the things they have to and must know. Your Excellency, those encouraging you to focus on crop inspection tours and globetrotting, although pleasing to your ears and pleasant in your eyes, are part of a calculated conspiracy to drive their personal agendas to the detriment of the agenda of the nation.

It goes without saying, Your Excellency, that the social economic unrest that the policies of your government have unleashed on the nation already present on your table a full plate that needs dealing with as a matter of urgency. However, asking and convincing you not to attend to necessary matters that the country finds itself in, and putting such matters only on the peripherals of your attention is, treacherous to you, and disloyal to the nation at large.

In closing therefore, I must humbly urge you, Your Excellency, to still apply your thoughts and your undivided attention to the storm brewing over Lake Malawi, for if unchecked, it will tarnish whatever legacy you hope to leave for Malawi. Think about it, Your Excellency; that you should go down in the history of Malawi as the President that lost the Lake, with its attendant profits and benefits, to Tanzania.

Your Excellency, as a country we can’t afford by any known cost to cede an inch of our territory, let alone our beautiful lake, to any country.

In this regard, I urge Your Excellency to pull out of the mediation effort immediately and only address this matter when enough intelligence is available of what Tanzania is doing and a clear Malawian strategy for dealing with the Tanzanian threat is formulated. In the meantime, it would be wise to deploy the defence forces to closely guard and monitor the lake and ensure that our possession of it remains certain.

I remain a loyal Citizen of the Republic of Malawi,

Z Allan Ntata

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