Consumer rights activists have reversed their earlier plans of holding a vigil at the statehouse after the lapse of a 21-day ultimatum they gave to the government to respond to their petition.

Consumers Association of Malawi boss John Kapito threatened to hold the vigil after holding demonstrations in January against the rising cost of living.

Among the seven demands included, fixation of the kwacha, sale of presidential jet, and reduction of cabinet, convoy and presidential trips.

The government has since quashed five of the seven issues which were contained in the petition.

Kapito told the media their change of tune comes as the government has already addressed some of their concerns such as the salary increment of civil servants.

Said Kapito: “The issue about salary adjustments was one of our petitions that we were discussing with the government, and it has since been sorted out.

“So what I am saying is that we have three of the issues are done and we are remaining with four. And the four are issues with corruption and those are long term issues.”

But commentators are expressing surprise over Kapito’s change of heart.

They are wondering why Kapito has backtracked so quickly when his much touted demand of Kwacha fixation has not be addressed by the government.

Kapito earlier demanded that the government reverse its kwacha floatation regime saying it’s making hard the lives of poor Malawians.

The Joyce Banda administration simultaneously devalued by 48.18% and floated the Kwacha, and introduced the Automatic fuel Price Mechanism, which has seen prices of goods and services rising almost every month.

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