Why can’t the police be just for once?


By not arresting Ephraim Chiume, what are the Police still investigating?

What is it that they are trying to establish?

Does this not confirm that these are premeditated arrests and the inquiry was just a smock-screen?

If findings of the report are the premise that has been used to effect the arrests so far, it makes disturbing realisation that Chiume and the rest in the previous cabinet (except George Chaponda and Reen Kachere) are being shielded.

Or are the police reading and using a different report?

The role of Chiume has never been clearer. He was the lead officer to get the referral done and injunction obtained against Joyce Banda taking over.

Is this not what is being defined as treason in the circumstances? What is being investigated further?

Or is it because Ephraim Chiume is a Tonga like the First Gentleman, like the Minister of Justice, like the Attorney General?

About the role of the members of cabinet, the report is so clear too: all of them were in complicit in appointing the “mid night six” and in approving the wording of the statement they read.

If the messengers of that statement have already been arrested, why are those that appointed the messenger and approved the wording of the statement the messenger read being spared?

With this obvious selectiveness in the application of the law, any wonder the arrests are already generating condemnation

Why can’t the police be just for once?

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