Peter Mutharika and his company have been granted police bail by Lilongwe High court judge Ivy Kamanga.

High Court JUdge Ivy Kamanga has given bail to the treason case suspects, including the Acting President of the People’s Democratic Party(DPP), who is also the brother to the late President of the Republic of Malawi, Professor Bingu wa Mutharika who has spent 3 nights in police cell at Lumbadzi in Malawi’s capital city Lilongwe.

Professor Aurthur Peter Mutharika, who is also likely to be deported to the United States of America where he spent about 40years teaching and practicing law. However, the American Embassy in Malawi has rejected the issue of Peter Mutharika being an American citizen.

Conditions for the bail:
1. Each suspect should have two people to be his witnesses and these two people must have 7 Million, Malawi Kwacha as sureties
2. They should surrender all their traveling document i.e. passport
3. They should be appearing to court every two weeks!

Chimunthu Banda for the first time is the arrest was at Lilongwe High Court in support of the DPP offcials!

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