Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) has condemned government’s plans to start exporting labour to South Korea without taking into account recommendations of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

MCTU Secretary General Pontius Kalichero claims government has not done enough consultations which contravenes ILO Convention number 144 to which Malawi is a signatory.

“ILO Convention No. 144 seeks tripartite consultation involving government, employers and trade unions,” said Mr. Kalichero.

According to Kalichero the Malawi government has not consulted them on this matter an indication that the executive has flouted ILO recommendations on labour issues.

Kalichero then warned that such negligence can have undesirable consequences on the exported labour.

“Without proper consultation, exported labour force can easily be victimized,” observed Kalichero.

Being a signatory of ILO Convention Number 144 Malawi needs to make thorough consultations before sending labour force to South Korea.

The Malawi government is flying adverts calling for young people to apply so that successful once be sent to South Korea to work.

Malawi’s Labour Minister Eunice Makangala told Zodiak Online that a delegation has left for South Korea for assessment.

According to Makangala, sending labour force to South Korea is part of job creation drive under the leadership of President Joyce Banda.

The program initiated two months ago when Malawi’s President Dr. Joyce Banda visited South Korea.

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