There has been some debate on this forum in relation to political party strongholds in Malawi. People have argued that region A is the stronghold of this party, B region belongs to that party, this particular territory C belongs to that other party and this zone D is the bedroom of political party so and so. As far as I am concerned, political party strongholds are determined by results from a national general election and the last one was held in Malawi in 2009. I believe those results still stand unless another general election is held next year, 2014.

Interestingly, political parties that have never tasted any general election in their entire life have also been brought in into this ‘stronghold dream’ and excitement. On what basis? I don’t know. A defection by a Member of Parliament does not automatically mean a change in political allegiance in supporters and voters in a particular constituency.

The effects of a defection by an MP may be large or minimal but without tangible evidence unless a general election or by election is held. My conclusion therefore is that political party strongholds that can into existence after the 2009 general elections still stand and another proof that party A, B, C or D has lost or gained political strongholds will only be proved once more next year after polls and now.

The arguments being raised now are just mare political propaganda.

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