I am hereby requesting all the supporters of the Mighty DPP to stay calm and avoid any chaotic behavior as the ruling party People’s Party (PP) have printed hundreds of DPP T-shirts and employ people to wear these T-shirt today at Lilongwe Court and disturb court proceedings so that Professor Peter Mutharika and 9 others should not be given bail today as such we should be sent to Maula Prison on remand.

So all supporters of DPP, if you see anyone in a brand new DPP T-shirt and tries to start havoc at court, please take him and hand him to the police.

We are sleeping here on very cold floor, in a very small room, with no water, no toilet, no blankets and the room is filled with big mosquitoes, but thank God we are all fine here, please pray for us.

Nicholas Dausi
DPP Spokesperson
Lumbadzi Police cell

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