Two men known only identified as Andrew and Prophet Wales are in police cooler in area 30 for a a failed plot to implicate Prof Arthur Peter Muntharika in JB’s resignation letter. The two men were working with Deputy Health Minister Halima Daudi and Mpofu to falsely implicate the DPP leader as one who authored the letter claiming he has State House seal and stamps. The two men met in Hon Daudi’s office today while she was away at Kamuzu Palace to deliver drugs there. when they confided in what they were doing, Prophet Wales disclosed that he had letters to implicate APM a project she worked with Halimma and Mpofu.

Immediately Andrew called a high ranking DPP official to warn them to the plot. They arranged to meet at Standard Bank in City Centre. Andrew met with the DPP official before the official called Wales who she personally knows. Wales came to meet the official only to discover Andrew there too.

When asked the prophet vehemently denied only to be ashamed later when the consensus agreed to call Mpofu on a private number and thinking he is talking to Andrew and Wales only, Mpofu admitted having talked to Wales on their plot which was planned to be executed tomorrow (arrest of APM). as the atmosphere heated, the two disclosed of another plot to kill Halima Daudi. She was later called and she got mad at how the plot has been uncovered. she was also shocked to learn of the plot to kill her claimed to be a Khumbo Kachali mastermind.

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