Malawi Government, through the Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) has commenced negotiations with Ethiopian Airlines on the new Air Malawi.

The commission in conjunction with the ministry of transport and justice has brought the Ethiopian team to the negotiation table in a bid to strike a partnership deal to steer the new Air Malawi 2012.

Ethiopian airlines are coming in following the liquidation of air Malawi to come up with another productive airline.

Speaking to capital Fm, Chief executive of the PPPC and privatization commission Jimmy Lipunga says are satisfied with the progress made so far in their negotiations with Ethiopian Airways.

Lipunga said “so far the discussions are encouraging.”

Ethiopian Airways won a bid to partner with Malawi Government in the yet to be established Air Malawi 2012 Ltd.

Malawi has no airline as the old Air Malawi wound up its operations two months ago and is currently under liquidation.

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