As we are debating the issue on Dr Namarika in relation to the death of former President Bingu Wa Mutharika, we must be able to remember that there is one man called Dr Conrad Murray, 59, who is serving a four-year sentence at Los Angeles County Jail, in the United States of America for his role in the sudden death of pop icon Michael Jackson.

There are plenty of doctors and medical personnel in Malawi that have at one point or another been negligent at work in prescribing wrong drugs and many other forms of negligence that have led to loss of innocent lives or end up in permanent disability and disorder in some patients. However, may be due to lack of knowledge on how to seek redress or a laxity in the regulations, the culprits have gotten away scot-free.

It is a fact that Dr Namarika did not perform to the expected standards of a personal physician to the former late Head of State. Whether his actions were intentional or by accident the only person who knows the truth is Dr Namarika himself and the Almighty God. I strongly believe that in his heart of hearts, Dr Namarika knows very well that on that particular day 5th of April, 2012 his performance was very below average and that he may have pockets of regrets in his mind now.

Dr Namarika should thank God that he is in Malawi where he may end up walking away scot-free, however if it were in other countries whether intentional or not, Dr Namarika would have been held responsible and the law would taken him to account.

Remember, the person who died so negligently was a sitting Head of State responsible for 13 million Malawians. JB FIRE MSAKA! Now! Now! Now!! – By Innocent Mawaya

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