Three people have committed suicide in the Northern Region, a development that has seen deaths due to suicide, drowning and murder rise to 43 this year.

Northern Region Police spokesperson Norah Chimwala last weekend said the situation is worrisome as reasons for committing suicide and murder are minor and can be solved.

She said since January, the region has recorded 18 suicide cases, 15 murder cases and 15 drowning cases.

“Such cases can be avoided. Most drowning cases involve children and epileptic people, who are likely to be saved by being in the company of older people,” said Chimwala.

She said in the recent cases Isaac Chaima, 28, from Mbalachanda in Mzimba District hanged himself on Sunday after his wife found him making love to her sister. Chaima later committed suicide after being summoned by the chief.

“The wife accused him of spending his March salary carelessly. This did not please him and he started telling people that he is going to commit suicide. He was then found hanging dead on a tree near his house. Postmortem revealed that death was due to strangulation,” said Chimwala.

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