Chuzi Group of companies owned by PP’s Brown Mpinganjira has been given a contract to supply white maize to Admarc.

The quantity is 40,000 metric tonnes. This is 40 million kgs. Admarc is buying from him at K120 per kg and selling the same at K60 per kg.

That means Admarc is spending 480 million kwacha to buy the maize from Brown Mpinganjira. It is selling the maize at a loss of 240 million Kwacha.

This is despite that Admarc is transporting the maize from the South and moving it to Central region, making it an extra loss. This is the fresh grain that some have seen at Admarc, mostly in the central region. Fellow Malawians, we can not develop like this!

People are dying with hunger and yet Admarc and party officials are busy making money. The CEO of Admarc is a member of PP.

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