Research aimed at measuring growth in the country has shown that Malawi has not shown any indicators of development almost fifty years after independence.

A research entitled ‘trapped in underdevelopment’ by Afrobarometer has indicated that Malawi is trapped in the fight against the same problems for almost 50 years now.

Speaking when presenting the research findings Principal investigator Dr Maxton Grant Tsoka said food shortage remains the highest challenge in the country.

He said their engagement with people who were involved in the research revealed food shortage followed by farming support and water supply as the major problems.

Dr Tsoka said the other problems included health, poverty economic management among others.

He said their findings are also corroborate by the country’s developmental tools which he said have all for the past years focused on the same goals.

The principal researcher said all the development strategies since independence like the Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, Malawi Growth Development Strategy have all focused on fighting hunger, poverty, diseases among others.

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