Lucius Banda’s 17th album “Time” is currently on sale at Nyimbo Zachimalawi website ( ).  The CD is on sale for the price of £10 pounds.  Lucius is also offering the mp3 files for the album which can be bought individually for £0.99.

In an interview with Lucius Banda, he said “I have created this cd for the international market and I would like to encourage my fans that are abroad to support this album and purchase it online through the Malawi music website, Nyimbo Zachimalawi”.

The CD is offered for sale courtesy of, a Malawian website that has been running for over 3 years promoting Malawian music and distributing music online direct from the artist.  The website is accessible all across the world and allows visitors to do secure debit or credit card transactions supported by “Google Wallet”.

The CD was made available online to the international market on Monday, 6th May 2013.  In an interview with Nyimbo Zachimalawi , the company confirmed that the Lucius CD had been uploaded on the website and people have already bought the CD.  So far the people who have been buying the CD have mainly been from outside Malawi in countries like UK, Germany and Australia.

By the Lucius Banda CD Time now available at
Buy the new Lucius Banda CD Time now available at




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