A Father Superior(Bambo Mfumu) of a certain Catholic Parish in Dedza Diocise banned his followers from wearing a beautiful blue cloth for Catholic Women Organisation(Bungwe la Amayi) designed with hands in all church activities and functions in his parish. The cloth, which flooded local markets attracted a lot of buyers so much so that almost every Jim and Jack in the area had one. Due to it’s popularity even members of the Gule Wamkulu cult made it their uniform. This prompted the man of God to declare the cloth unacceptable. Surprisingly the same cloth is accepted in other parishes even where there is more Gule wamkulu than this parish. Furthermore, male elders of the GuleWamkulu cult, wear white and purple long robes which are also worn by Catholic priests at functions including funeral ceremonies. May be he will stop using them too. Is the action justfied? Can a faithful christian become unfaithful if he/she wears cloths borrowed from an unfaithful friend?

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