Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda during her trip to China has sourced over MK8.5 billion for the Mudzi Transformation Trust. What is of paramount importance here is the way the beloved Malawian head of state is able to march her words with action.

Its suffice to say that it is just a few weeks ago she mentioned about the project during opening of budget session in the National Assembly and in just a split second government officials are all over the country working with traditional leaders in a bid to identify villages to be used as pilot projects.

Dr. Banda’s way of doing things is simple and basic; “Get the job done come what may without any complexities attached as long as it benefits the poor of the poorest.” No wonder all her critics who used to call her all sorts of names wish the world could swallow them especially now that the country is undergoing massive economic transformation encapsulated with the appreciation of the kwacha.

In short, her trip to China has proved to be one of its kind and surely it is common Malawian on the ground who will enjoy the lions share through the Mudzi wa Makono project.

It therefore does not come as a surprise for Malawians to have their hope and trust in JB.


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