Malawi Government has withdrawn the appointment of Peter Kamange as an Auditor General and replaced him with Steven Kamphasa.

The announcement was made in parliament as the Speaker; Henry Chimunthu Banda said members will be provided with Kamphasa’s curriculum vitae for their scrutiny before their confirmation.

Kamphasa is one of the top auditors in Malawi.

Deputy leader of the house, Anita Kalinde also confirmed of the development and has since assured members that government by Monday next week will inform them on the date of confirmation for the new Auditor General.

The AG is appointed by the President, but is subject to confirmation by the House in an open deliberation according to Section 184 (3) of the Constitution.

Kamange was appointed following the House’s rejection of Anderson Kulugomba, whose name was shrouded in controversy, including that the appointment was made before government had finalised dealing with the retirement of the then AG Reckford Kampanje. Kampanje has since retired formally.

Among other issues behind his name’s withdraw, Kamange once served in ruling People’s Party (PP) executive. Last year, during the PP’s Convention, Kamange also attempted the post of Treasurer General which he lost to Harry Mkandawire.

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