As the Nation Newspaper of last Friday revealed that the chiefs want to hold on to every little bit of power they have. Well, nobody gives up a privileged position voluntarily, so it is not surprise. But it is out of line.
Chiefs are part of our culture, just like traditional dances, and they should be treated as such. Respected as part of ceremony, and a good tourist attraction. But we cannot have a tourist attraction interfere with our democracy. Chiefs are civil servants, appointed by the democratically elected government, and paid by the tax payer. As civil servants they must carry out the orders of the government of the day. And not indulge in politics, not even when their position is the subject. They are not elected, and they have no role in democratic policy making.
The arbitrary power chiefs hold over land in their areas is a power instrument that has too many times been abused. The committees are intended to provide democratic checks and balances on the autocratic rule of the chiefs, and they are badly needed. Too many times a greedy chief has sold of the land of his people, leaving them impoverished and destitute. Democracy is badly needed here. We live in the 21st century, and if we want to develop our country according to the times we live in we cannot have it sold off arbitrarily to foreigners or local big wigs with big money out to make even more.
We need people power, not royal corruption.

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