ominations of candidates for all the three elections will take place in February 2014.

The nomination fees for 2014 elections are as follows: · Presidential Candidates :MK1,000,000.00

Parliamentary Candidates o MK200,000.00 for Male candidates o MK150,000.00 for Female candidates

Council Candidates o MK20,000.00 for Male candidates o MK15,000.00 for Female candidates

MEC encourages 50-50 campaign & calls upon political parties to join campaign by deliberately bringing on board women(52% of our population)

Dr Augustine Titani Magolowondo and Mr Daniel Stroux – consultants who worked with the Commission to produce the Strategic Plan.

Dr Henry Chingaipe and Mr Geff Kabondo reviewed the MEC’s Civic and Voter Education Strategy.

The EU has financed the processes and production of the MEC Strategic Plan and the Civic and Voter Education Strategy.

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