Flames flamboyantly skilled player Robin Ngalande is caught in a steamy love triangle: he is being implicated in a pregnancy scandal along¬side another player by a 25-year-old South Africa woman.

But the 21-year-old striker, who banged in the first goal for the Flames on Wednesday during the 2014 World Cup qualifier against Kenya which ended in a 2-all draw, has dismissed the issue, claiming he just read it in the South Africa press.

“I don’t know anything about the lady – and even the issue – because I also just read it in the South African press. In fact, when I read it I realised that it was a lie because the time they claim I knew the lady in 2011 I was in Spain,” he said.

But Ngalande said his agent would be in a better position to clarify the matter further.

The Sun’s June 9 edition carried a story that the lady in question, identified as Zanale Khanye Skhosana, was six months pregnant but was confused about the paternity of her unborn child apparently after having had liaisons with both Ngalande and Bafana Bafana and Kaizer Chief’s high-flying winger Siphiwe Shabalala.

“The baby mama, Zanele Khanye Skhosana, doesn’t know who the baby daddy is. Friends close to Zanele told Sunday Sun that she is six months pregnant and that the child could be Siphiwe’s or Robin’s – but neither wants to take responsibility for the pregnancy.

“A friend said: ‘She found out she was pregnant three months ago. When she told Siphiwe, he said he didn’t want to know the DNA because he knows it is Robin’s baby. When she told Robin, he told her to leave him alone and said the baby was Siphiwe’s. Siphiwe told her he has too many responsibilities,” reads the story in part.

According to the paper, Zanele’s friends said she now wants to have DNA tests to ascertain the real scorer of her womb ‘goal’ between the red-hot striker or the high-flying winger.

“Another friend said: ‘She wants to do DNA tests. She believes the child is either Shabalala’s or Robin’s, but she is more in love with Robin,” reads the story.

The story alleges that Zanele met Siphiwe about four years ago and has known Robin since 2011. Both relationships have been on-and-off for years.

“Siphiwe hates his (Robin’s) guts and even calls him a ‘Ben 10’,” the friend said.

According to the paper, at some point Zanele was staying with Robin and Shabalala didn’t like it. Shabalala apparently shows his love by showering Zanele with expensive gifts. He pays her rent, sponsors her holiday trips and bought her a car.

“She got back together with Robin early this year and she recently fixed things with Siphiwe,” reads the story.

Shabalala scored the first 2010 World Cup goal in Bafana Bafana’s game against Mexico. – By Times Reporter

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