A verbal war between the Peoples’ Party and the once mighty blue camp Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has ensued following the recent remarks, made by DPP spokes person Nicholas Dausi citing that, the PP has so far done nothing to Malawians since all the improvements the Malawian Kwacha has entrenched derives from the efforts made by the DPP to arrest problems like fuel shortage, etc. ”you may wish to recall that before Bingu’s demise, Malawi was talking to the Angolan government inorder to construct a fuel pipe line with the sole intention of arresting the fuel shortage hence PP does not need to stand tall for the current tremendous strides our economy registers, for this remains the effort of DPP” Dausi narrated.

But while responding to this statement, PP spokes person Hophmally Makande has described DPP as a dead party where people like Dausi could speak nothing else apart from nosense.

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