It has been further revealed that Bingu’s only young brother Peter was the master minder of the malpractices surrounding Bingu’s K61 billion wealth exposed.

Peter frequently abandoned ministerial duties and went abroad to coordinate his brother sinister projects on poor people’s expense. Surprisingly, Bingu Wa Mutharika who was a mere mini bus driver back home here after been fired at COMESA after embezzling donor funds turned into a billionaire as revealed.

Bingu’s success story started when he was picked by Bakili Muluzi from the mini bus rank to serve as a deputy reserve bank governor there after he was appointed as an economic and planning minister. Came 2004 he was made UDF torch bearer and at the start of his tenure of office he declared his wealth as K150million.

But look now how this man turned himself into a billionaire on poor people’s expense

Bingu built Ndata house at MK 14 Billion Kwacha

• Bingu acquired a $18m Presidential villa and hatch in Portugal
• Bingu birthday expenditure was at f 200Million Kwacha on his 78th birthday
• Acquisition of a $60m hotel in Portugal through the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM)
• Extended a K400M loan to Mulli Brothers Ltd to purchase Bestobell through Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) at Ginnery Corner in Blantyre
• Purchased of a 300Million Kwacha Lonhro house in Limbe
• Acted as surety to Mulli Brothers Ltd’s overdraft facilities with MSB (K5B), NBM (K2.5B), NBS (K2B), First Merchant Bank (K1.2B) and Stanbic Bank (K0.8B)
• Built a K1.8B mausoleum for his late wife, Ethel
• Acquisition of K20B worth of shares in Zimbabwe Commercial Bank
• Purchased of a personal65 Million Kwacha Maybach Benz (sent to his farm in Zimbabwe)
• Purchased 150 Toyota pick-ups for his party DPP valued at K400M
• A lavish expenditure of K350M on his April 2010 first wedding anniversary to Callista
• A K7.8B IndeBank joint account with President Robert Mugabe
• Purchased a K38M house in Nyambadwe on August 24, 2010 (from Shanil Muluzi)
• Spent K100M February 2010 valentine celebrations
• Mutharika drew K50M from Malawi Savings Bank every two weeks for his personal use
• Mutharika got K200M from Reserve Bank of Malawi to buy maize for Robert Mugabe’s
• Mutharika instructed the sale of the old presidential jet without the approval of the National
• Mutharika instructed MRA to surrender 10% of MRA’s revenue to DPP 2014 Campaign
• Mutharika instructed ESCOM to give Mulli Brothers Ltd K160M to buy Chitakale Estate
• Mutharika had allowed the Chinese nationals in the country to externalize Forex without undue restrictions
• Mutharika instructed the transfer of K5B from Treasury to Masangwi’s shipping company
• Mutharika instructed Press Trust and National Bank of Malawi to deposit to his personal account K70M every month
• Mutharika instructed government to send 8 vehicles and 4 tractors (that Malawi government
received fro the government of Libya) to his farm in Zimbabwe
• Mutharika instructed the Reserve Bank of Malawi to lend the government of Zimbabwe $30m at a time Malawi was experiencing an acute shortage of Forex
• Mutharika instructed Treasury to deposit K60M to Malawi Savings Bank to be used towards wooing and silencing NGOs
• Mutharika fraudulently pocketed K1.6B through his FBM account from money meant for preparation for 2009 general elections
• Mutharika draws K20M allowance each time he makes an internal trip (or on ‘government project’ tours)
• Mutharika instructed the Reserve Bank of Malawi to extend to his wife Callista a loan of K160M

• Mutharika instructed government to give his wife Callista a K2M allowance each time she travels away from station
• Mutharika instructed the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi to transfer $6m to his Zimbabwe account
• Mutharika fraudulently benefited to the tune of K3.8B from MTL Privatization proceeds
• Mutharika diverted $8m given to the government of Malawi by the government of Taiwan for the Army and Police Marine at Monkey- bay
• Mutharika diverted a $50m loan from Taiwan authorized by the National Assembly for the construction of the National Assembly
• Mutharika instructed government topping of K10M over every Safe Motherhood function
• Mutharika set the salary for his wife Callista at K1.3M per month for doing charity work which previously was not charitable work
• Mutharika accepted the selling of Chikangawa Forest to Mulli Brothers Ltd
• Paladin Mining Company deposited $5m every quarter to Mutharika Australia account
• Mota-Engil gave Mutharika 50% of all contract proceeds through his Portugal account
• Mutharika accepted the award of a K6B government stationary supply contract to Mulli
Brothers Ltd (without tender)
• Mutharika accepted the award of a K4B government fertilizer subsidy supply contract to Mulli Brothers Ltd (without tender)
• Mutharika accepted the award of an K11B government petrol & diesel supply-by-tanker contract to Mulli Brothers Ltd (without tender)
• Mutharika accepted the award of a K200M supply of foods-to-prisons contract in Malawi to
Mulli Brothers Ltd (without tender)
• Mutharika instructed the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi to offer Mulli Brothers Ltd a $8m loan on February 24, 2011.

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