What is in former President, the late Bingu’s wa Mutharika’s will?

– Callista not mentioned
– K74 million each for Peter and children
– Never sell Ndata Mansion
– Bineth Trust gets lion’s share

Former President the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s last will and testament reveals that he left about K74 million in cash to each of his three biological children and his young brother Peter wa Mutharika.

However, there is no mention of former First Lady Callista Mutharika who, understandably, the former President married two years after the Will was written on 22nd March 2008, meaning he never revised it after remarrying.

According to the Will, Mutharika asked that his children Madaliso, Tapiwa , Duwa and only brother Peter be paid cash of $200,000, which at today’s exchange rate come to K69 million, and K5,000,000 which comes up to K74 million but his step daughter Noma got slightly less.

“That from any of these accounts (local and foreign) please make cash payment to Ms Noma Penelope Mutharika (my step daughter whom I raised and educated since she was a small child the sum of US$200,000 and K3, 000, 000,” it reads in part.

Some of the money, according to the Will, must be apportioned to the late President’s grand children, grand nieces, and his late wife Ethel Mutharika’s granddaughter.

Mutharika in his will warned against the selling of the Casablanca Manor alias Ndata Mansion at any time after his death because it was so dear to him and the heritage of the Mutharika family.

“It should never be sold or disposed off in any manner. Upon my death, the mansion should be turned into a museum for the University of Southern Malawi and administered by the Bineth Trust. The Mansion shall also serve as a gathering place for the Mutharika family as needed,” he stated in his Will.

Apart from revealing that Mutharika had shares in Dairiboard Company, his estate is made up of the 63.977 hectares Dove Cote Farm, 396. 5672 hectare West Grove farm, vacant piece of land all in Kadona, Zimbabwe and a house on a 2.0073 acres land in Harare, Zimbabwe which he left to Madaliso, Noma, Duwa and Tapiwa.

The Will also show that Mutharika left behind 365 hectares of Mitundu farm in Lilongwe, the Kasungu Farm comprising of 568 hectares at Sangwani, 32.2 hectares at Chimelera and 302 hectares at Kang’oma.

Mutharika also left four vacant pieces of land at Kameza in Blantyre and houses at Mtunthama, Area 12, Area 43, Area 47, Sir Glyn Johns Road among several other property.

On Declaration number 11 of the Will, it shows that the late Mutharika wanted the University of South (ern) Malawi [which initially wanted to be his (private/personal institution) now government-owned and renamed the Malawi University of Science and Technology be under his personal estate.

“That the University of South (ern) Malawi is established, owned and administered by the Bineth Trust. The university main campus is located at Ndata farm, Nansadi, in the district of Thyolo,” it reads.

Mutharika left most of his deceased estate under the Bineth Trust which is administered by his immediate family. Mutharika, before his death appointed his daughter Duwa and brother Peter as joint executors of his last Will and Testament.

“I hereby grant the said Ms Duwa Mutharika and Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika the Powers of Attorney an authority as Joint Executors as allowed by the Laws of Malawi, in respect of this my Last Will and Testament,” concludes the will. – By Madalitso Musa

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