Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is a personal hero and long time friend of Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda. These two leaders have one thing in common; “They both care too much about the plight of poor people.”

For starters, Lula Da Silva never had formal education but he went on to defy all odds by becoming the first leader in Latin America to lift over 40 million people out of severe poverty to become middle class citizens.

Another milestone achievement of Lula was to take Brazil to BRICS, a grouping of emerging economies which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Looking at the story of Lula and compacting it with that of our “Dear Leader” Dr. Joyce Banda i’m convinced beyond any grain of doubt that by the time JB finishes her 12 years in office (Ishaa’Allah) millions of my brothers and sisters in Muloza, Chisitu, Khongoloni, Maveya, Likanani, Jali, Domasi, Kumisuku, Kunenekude, Maraka, Chafisi, Mulaba, Maulabo, Usisya, Benga, Misuku, Mtenthera, Nkhoma, Madesa, Mayani, Madisi, Lobi, Bunyenga, Chimaliro, Molele, Khwisa, Chilumba, Nthalire etc etc will be able to be lifted out of the abject poverty they are currently swimming.

With Dr. Banda at the helm i’m hopeful that Malawians especially the poor have the hope.

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