Six officials suspected to have withdrawn discarded cheques at the Accountant General’s office have been arrested. The arrest comes barely a month after our sister paper Malawi News published a story that some millions of kwachas went missing at the department.

Malawi Police Service Public Relations Officer Rhoda Manjolo said in a statement that the six have been arrested following the investigations on the fraud.

“The Malawi police service would like to inform the general that in an on-going investigation on government fraud cheques which were stolen from the Accountant General’s office, we have managed to arrest six suspects.

“Cheques involved are 17 and the amount involved is K100 million,” states a document signed by Manjolo.

She said the cheques were made payable to Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) through clearing agents.

The suspects are Rodwel Noah, 39 years, from T/A Kapeni Blantyre, Francis Chiona, 37, from T/A Mwaulambia, Chitipa, Thomas Moyo, 49 from T/A Kuntaja Blantyre, Kingsley Mpasuka, 41 from T/A Msamala Balaka, Mcnight Banda, 38 from T/A Chikowi Zomba and Enock Chizuzu from T/A Mulolo in Nsanje.

The Accountant General Department reported the missing of some discarded cheques that were meant for destruction/disposal by the Reserve Bank of Malawi. The matter was also being investigated by the Financial Intelligence Unit. – By Theresa Chapulapula

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