Gossip: PETER MUTHARIKA’s Lies and Secrets Revealed. PART 2.


This is Part 2 of Peter Mutharika’s Lies and Secrets which we promised to bring to light.

As you can recall, we explained the love that Bingu had on Peter Mutharika being his young brother. He gave him various ministrial positions and fame. In short, Bingu gave him heaven.

In this article, we wishes to highlight to you the evil things that Peter did to his caring brother Bingu.

Now let us take you back to 1997 when Bingu was dismissed from COMESA where he worked as Sectretary General. It is during this time frame again that Bingu also suffered a family trauma after his wife late Ethel left him for reasons we can not talk about now.

It is during this period that Bingu tested the life of hardship. Imagine for a VIP to fall from Grace to Grass, Hero to Zero. His standard of living deterioted and he became a complete nobody in the eyes of voters.

It is during this time that we hear Bingu came home to stay in area 47 driving his self owned passenger minibus which commuting beween Likuni and town. It is this business that paid Bingu’s bills and some of the people who lived close to him often explain how the great Bingu suffered economically and mentally. His late wife was in her home country ZIM with a large share of divorce sharings living Bingu with nothing but empty tins of wealth. So sad indeed.

You might be asking how Peter gets connected here. Well, we are talking of Bingu being Mshoveli trying to make ends meet when his own brother simutenously lived an extravagant life in USA, getting paid in dollas and teaching Obama (according to what DPP guys say, he taught US president Obama so they say) in class. Peter slept on millions when Bingu slept with an empty stomach hoping to eat Chintuwitsa the following morning. You know how this business is like in town. You get to fight with customers, police and vendors. Its really the business of the gheto.

As blood brothers, don’t you think Peter would have done something for his brother back here? A successful lawyer and lecture in America just imagine. The Roman Catholic Church has a song which goes (we recommend that you sing it if you know it): Sungathe kukonda Mulungu, ngati iwe ukudana ndi m’bale wako. Ayi…. Uyambe wakondana naye, ndiye upite kwambuye Mulungu… Adzakuyankha iwe m’khristu. The song explains it all.

It was late Dumbo Lemani who came to Bingu’s rescue when Peter was no where to be seen. It was Dumbo Lemani who recommended Bingu to Dr. Bakiri Muluzi to offer him a job as Deputy Governor for Reserve Bank and was later named Min. Of Planning and Economic Dev. Dumbo remembered Bingu when his rich brother Peter couldn’t.

Bingu was a caring brother. He forgot Peter’s bad side and still called him back when he became president. As said before, Peter received VVIP treatment even at the expense of the then Vice President Madam Joyce Banda now president. All because of Bingu’s love.

But what did Peter do in return? You all know how he treated his own brother’s body at KIA. Malawians, recently we heard APM backing T. A Bvumbwe’s critics directed at JB for letting his party die hards distribute party T-Shirts at Judge Manyungwazi’s funeral. We don’t agree with this ofcourse but here is a man reminding a fellow leader on the importance of honouring the dead when he couldn’t honour his own brother. Where was this knowledge on April 5 2012 when his own brother’s body started to stink under his very own nose.

According to Peter, twisting the constitution and becoming the president was very important than honouring the remains of his own brother, a brother that cared so much for him.

Malawians, think straight and ask yourself questions. If he could not attend to his own brother’s body, do you think he will attend to the sick in hospitals? What about our children in schools? Civil servants, people in villages? Don’t you think God gave us a chance to know the other side of APM? We are not saying you should vote for Peter or not. Not at all. The choice will be your’s but we simply want you to understand the other side of this leader.

Thanks so much lovely Malawians for your courage as we are trying our best to enlight you on issues that have reamined hidden from your knowing.

Our next article is titled: Peter Mutharika, a Tribalistic Bastard. In this article, we shall bring to light things that Peter and DPP do not want you to hear. We want you to know how he belittles people of other tribes. We promise to go deeper on Peter without adding or subtracting.

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