“We would be glad to see you standing on your own as a nation and not dependent on donors. We are fed up with playing the mother role because we are NOT your mother. You need to grow and reach a point where we can call each other equals.”

Mr. Michael Nevin – British High Commissioner to Malawi (speaking at the Youth Consultative Forum)

I first listened to Mr. M. Nevin at the ECAMA conference last year. I was challenged. He lamented that he was in Malawi seven years ago and when he came back, he couldn’t believe how worse the country has become in the 7 yrs he was away. He just couldn’t believe how much we don’t love our nation.

I wish we took his advice very seriously. It is time Malawi grows up!!! But it depends on each one of us playing a role. If each one of us works hard to develop himself/herself, together as a nation we will develop.

“Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each one of us as individuals” – George S. Clason.

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