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Still in Arts, Chileka based reggae group Black Missionaries have said they will be bringing into the country a popular Botswana musician for performances in October or November.

The group was featured on Btv on Friday ahead of their performances in the country. The group was asked about their exploits in Malawi and their secret to their success in reggae music.

In the interview the group attributed their success to God saying they are guided by the word of God. The group’s lead vocalist Anjiru Fumulani said on Sunday from Botswana ahead of their last performance that they were excited with the interest from the media in Botswana.

“We actually received messages from some Malawians back home that they watched the interview on Btv which is good not only for us as a group but for the country. As Malawian artists we want to establish ourselves not only in Malawi but other countries and penetrate the international market,” he said.

In the second show which he said was organized by one of the promoters in Botswana, they were the headliners with several local curtain-raisers.

“People have been eager to watch our shows here simply because we perform live. Most of the artists here perform using CDs. The equipment we were using was owned by the government which is not the case in Malawi and I wish if our government through the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture had its own equipment,” said Anjiru.

He then said they connected with one of the popular artists in the country only known as Jojo who is set to perform in Malawi with the Black Missionaries.

Apart from Shumba Ratsega popularly known as Makhirikhiri, no artists from Botswana have performed in the country. The group is expected back home on July 19 before flying out to Ireland next month. – Reported by Sam Banda Jnr

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