Dan Lu lands deal in South Africa


The ‘Part of Life,’ maker Dan Lufani, who has been caught in controversy recently over his marriage, is on the verge of signing a deal with a company in South Africa that will be managing him.

The company that is set to sign the musician after all the paper work is done is known as Sisquo Productions. The company has been in the business for three years now.

Lufani who released his latest album So What? confirmed in an interview from South Africa but could not be drawn to reveal the details of the deal.

“It’s true I am working on signing a contract with them, I am taking my time because I have been consulting but they are a good company and since I came here, I have been working with them,” said the dreadlocked singer.

Director of the company Phuumile Nwaogwutwu said they were happy with Lufani describing him as a talented musician.

“He started working with us four weeks ago and he has been good collaborating with some of our artists we already signed. His rhythm is good and the way he handles himself made us believe he can work with us and build himself to the top,” she said.

Asked how they came to identify him, the director said they have a producer who met Lufani in South Africa before he later linked him to them.

“We are in the process of finalising a long term contract but before this, he(Dan Lufani) will come back to Malawi for a few months and once we work on the permits, he will come back to South Africa to be operating from here,” said Nwaogwutwu.

Asked about the details of the contract, the director only said they were still negotiating and that once everything is in black and white they will give the information.

“We have signed different artists from Nigeria and Zimbabwe, so we are looking at bringing them together. Dan Lufani will work with both Nigerian and Zimbabwean musicians. He will bring a Malawian flavour in the songs,” she said.

The company says by working with several artists from Africa, they would want to add more colour to songs so that they have different genres from different African countries.

“Dan is the fifth artist we have signed. He has actually told us that he loves Malawi which made him who he is today and so by coming to stay here, he is just stepping up his music and exploring the international stage,” said Nwaogwutwu.

She said currently Lufani is working on new songs. Some songs have already been sent to different networks. Lufani wrote on his Facebook wall last week that he was excited to have made a song with a Nigerian famous musician, he did not disclose the name. – By Sam Banda Jnr

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