A Blantyre man claims that businessman Arthur Malidadi Juma of Malidadi Enterprise kidnapped and tortured him after a business deal went sour.

Keith Ngomano Gama said Malidadi invited him to his business premises at Ginnery Corner in the city where the torture took place.

“He sprayed pepper in my eyes and started torturing me along with his friends. Then he drove me to Kanjedza residential area where I was paraded naked,” he said.

Gama told The Weekend Times Malidadi shaved off his dreadlocks which he had kept for seven years as one way of punishing him. The incident happened during the morning hours of July 23.

Police in Limbe issued a report to Gama on the same day signed for by Constable Kupula so that the victim could seek medical help at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

“I was treated as an out-patient but I have not recovered yet. I also feel some pain in my back as a result of the assault,” he said. Gama claimed that he lost a Black- Berry Smartphone, a pair of Jordan sneakers, sunglasses, a wallet (containing U$ $1,300, €500, SA R400 and K7,000 during the ordeal.

But when contacted the businessman claimed that Gama was a thief who stole his money amounting to SA R50,000 in South Africa. “He stole my money in South Africa while I was in a hotel room. He is a thief who was on the run for some time,” he said.

Malidadi further said Gama was his friend and he had helped him on several occasions until he stole his money. But Gama dismissed Malidadi’s claims, maintaining that he was doing business on his behalf.

“Take it from me that he was using me to conduct some business for him in South Africa and he was demanding money from me despite the fact that the deal flopped. If I indeed stole his money, would I go to his business premises after he called me? I will disclose everything to the police,” he threatened.

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