She is the first female President of Malawi and was also the first Vice President of the country.
She is a successful business woman.
She endured 10 years in an abusive marriage and walked away to raise her three children on her own.
She founded the National Association of Business Women that gives women capital to fund businesses.
She established the Joyce Banda Foundation to help provide children quality education and improve livelihood of rural Malawian people.
She slashed 30% of her salary to prove that she is one with her people in their suffering.
She sold the presidential jet and their 60 luxury cars to augment their budget.
She founded her own party when she was expelled by the incumbent president upon her refusal to support his plans of creating a political dynasty.
She was included in TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in 2013.
She is a recipient of the International award for entrepreneurship development from the Africa Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs and Economic Commission for Africa and twice hailed as Malawi’s Woman of the Year.

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