The United States and some of its allies are threatening a strike against #Syria despite British parliament’s opposition to a motion for military intervention in the Arab country. The French President, Francois Hollande says the British lawmakers’ vote would not affect Paris’ resolve to support a U.S. military intervention. U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said Washington will continue its efforts to form an international coalition against Damascus. Moscow on the other hand insists it will veto any UN Security Council resolution allowing foreign military action against Damascus. German chancellor Angela Merkel says her country will not take part in any military operation against Syria. Italy and Switzerland have also expressed concern over such an action.

Why does the US insist on using force against Syria in the absence of any proof it’s resorted to chemical weapons?
What is Washington’s aim of a military action rather than a political solution?
How do you think things will develop in the next few days?

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