Mulakho wa alomwe has been there before DPP,but Bingu and DPP grabed it as if its a pressure group or a political party.

Bingu promoted DPP lomwe gurus by givin them senior posts in that mulakho investments.

DPP abused powers by giving salaries to the organisers of Mulakho by using government funds.

People and companies were forced to donate to Mulakho events..that was wrong again.

Government vehicles were used during Mulakho celebrations,thats another bad thing.

President of the republic shouldnt have been on forefront to promote a tribe.BINGU anatiönjeza.

D.P.P had that feelings that Mulakho wa alomwe ndi chipani.
and Alomwe amene amakhala active mu gulu la Mulakho wa Alomwe amapatsidwa ntchito zapamwamba m’boma.

Ukakhala mtsogoleri usamakhale pa forefront kutsogolera mtundu kapena kukondela mtundu.we r all Malawians and we belong together.

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