Just weeks after roughing up each other in the Northern region of Karonga, the ruling People’s Party supporters were at it again on Tuesday, September 10, when they bayed for each others’ blood in Salima over a MK 50,000 handout given out by the party President, Joyce Banda.

According to media reports, verified by the Police, President Banda gave the handout to her party morale youth who had gathered by the roadside as she was traveling from Mzuzu. Just after the dust of her convoy was yet to settle after leaving the probably unemployed youths, they rushed to each others’ throat demanding a better share of the money given out by Africa’s second woman President.

It was in the scuffle over that amount (about 150 U$) that two people were injured while the President had driven off, apparently ignoring the fire she had set ablaze to her own party which lately has witnessed a surge of attacks from people within itself who have been on each others’ throat mostly by positioning themselves for possible candidature on the party’s ticket in the run up to the 2014 elections.

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