A photo circulating on the social media by apparent Peoples’ Progressive Movement (PPM) die-hards show their party leader, Mark Katsonga, in a kind of Wilson hat that is a trademark for the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.

Possibly, Katsonga has been made to believe that it is the hat that brought good luck to the Nigerian then second in command to ascend to power through some power of fate that saw his predecessor succumb.

Meanwhile, other media reports indicate that the PPM leader has dished out a bounty of MK 7 million to controversial musician, Joseph Nkasa, to compose songs for his campaign trail. So far, the airwaves have been hit by one Nkasa song, Kulira kwa amphawi, that discredits the current administration of Joyce Banda and calls for a new broom to sweep in the corridors of power, one broom that has to be of a businessman.

Could there be some truth to the rumors of the MK 7 million bounty basing on the song (and the others yet to come)?

Of course, if Katsonga wins with that trademark hat now then it will come as little surprise when one woman aspiring head of state shall have a sash over her shoulders on her campaign trail as well.
One hardly knows what brings them luck.

Nkasa’s song, Kulira kwa amphawi, can be downloaded from http://www.malawi-music.com/component/muscol/J/108-joseph-nkasa/324-kulira-kwa-amphawi/1215-kulira-kwa-amphawi/

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