While the Belgian, Thom Saintfiet, left with a bleeding heart and a strong conviction that FAM will reconsider him to coach the country football national team again, former coach of the flames Kinnah Phiri has vowed that he will never again coach the country’s national team.

However, Phiri has attached a condition to his decision.

“If the current administrators of football in this nation are the same ones then forget my coaching of the flames,” said the local coach who guided the Flames to the 2010 Afcon Cup in Angola.

Phiri has said that if the football administration changes then he is willing to come back and head the sinking Titanic that is the football team of this nation.

If the administration does not change then Kinnah has hinted that at the expiration of his contract he is going to go and search for greener pastures elsewhere.

But not Malawi again.


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